LTO to be an inclusive government agency and will not tolerate discrimination

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is putting its foot down when it comes to discrimination in hiring new employees.

The agency recently released a new memorandum to serve as a guideline for the implementation of the Equal Opportunity Principle (EOP) in the four areas of human resource management in the LTO. The memorandum ensures that the adoption of EOP is followed in the agency, and the LTO will commit to providing a safe and inclusive workplace that is free from all forms of discrimination.

Under the EOP, the LTO must provide equal opportunity among all its employees, including those in the specialized or vulnerable group of individuals that require special consideration. These include, but are not limited to the following:

A. Pregnant women
B. Solo parents (single parents)
C. Senior citizens
D. Physically challenged
E. Indigenous people
F. People with different religious affiliations/denominations
G. People from any sexual orientation and gender identity/expression

In the posting and publication of job vacancies, the LTO encourages all interested and qualified applicants regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender identity, civil status, disability, religion, ethnicity, social status, income, class, political affiliation, or other similar factors/circumstances to apply. Furthermore, a modification to the work environment may be provided by the LTO to enable the applicant to perform their tasks. For example, this may include the provision of a cubicle accessible with a wheelchair if needed.

As for the agency's performance management, the LTO is reminded that there shall be no discrimination to an employee's age, gender, civil status, disability, religion, etc. when performing their tasks successfully.

“There shall be no discrimination in the implementation of the performance management system on account of age, gender, civil status, disability, religion, ethnicity, social status, economic standing, political affiliation or pregnancy of the employee or other similar factors/personal circumstances which run counter with the principle of merit and fitness and equal employment opportunity,” the memo states.

Last but not least, the rewards and recognition of staff under the LTO's Program on Award and Incentives for Services Excellence (PRAISE) must be based on merit, performance, and accomplishments. Qualified individuals should not be denied rewards because of discriminatory labeling. Every employee is also granted leave benefits, paternity/solo parent leave, special leave benefits to women, and adoption leaves regardless of personal circumstances.

The new EOP guideline is now in effect across all offices of the agency.