Donated plastic cards from PSMed will no longer be accepted by LTO

In December of 2023, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) received a donation of 4 million plastic cards from the group Philippine Society of Medicine for Drivers (PSMed). According to LTO chief, Atty. Vigor Mendoza II, “The delivery of these 4 million plastic cards is enough to address both the backlog and the daily usage through application and renewal of driver’s license.”

Yesterday, the LTO announced that the agency will no longer accept the donated plastic cards.

LTO backs out from 4-million plastic card donation image

December 2023 photo during the signing of the Deed of Donation between PSMed and LTO

Mendoza said that since the process for accepting the donation will be quite long. He then added that it is up to the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to formulate the guidelines for receiving such a donation, especially if it is worth PHP 160 million.

Earlier, Mendoza said that tapping on the donated plastic cards would be just a “last resort” option should the government fail to resolve the plastic card issue.

The LTO will continue to issue temporary license cards printed on paper until further notice.