Following public clamor and backlash online, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Department of Transportation (DOTr) have released a joint memorandum regarding their previous statement on vehicle registration renewal. In the said statement, the LTO is requiring the owners of vehicles with no plates to present a "certificate of no plate" in order to renew the registration of their motor vehicle/s.

Citizens and netizens quickly took to the internet to express their sentiments, to which both government departments have responded to. In the said memorandum, after a public cosultation held on 23rd May 2019, their response it to instead allow photocopies of the Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) to be brought and used for “conducting emission tests, effective immediately”.

 LTO backtracks on certificate of no plate for emissions testing image

The non-delivery of license plates has been a chief complaint of many vehicle owners, both new and old. It can be recalled that older vehicles were required to shell out a Php450 fee for the newer, more “modern” registration plates a few years ago, but have not received the physical plates since then. As for newer vehicles, they too have fallen victim to the long line of those waiting for vehicle plates.

In recent news, the LTO has addressed the concern on plate backlogs as well. They said that they are looking at delivering all plates by the latter end of the year, but have not exactly issued a guarantee. For four-wheeled motor vehicles, they can use this link to check onwhere their vehicles’ are available for pick up: As for two-wheeled vehicles, the agency (LTO) plans to purchase another plate-making machine (named IDeROBOT) to catch up on motorcycle plate backlogs as well.

Both the LTO and DOTr are hoping that this statement finally clears any confusion regarding the case of no plates, emissions testing, and the registration of their motor vehicles, at least until their physical plates have been given.