Last week, posted a story about the statements that were made by LTO Spokesperson Jason Salvador in various media outlets regarding the blanket ban on any kind of plate accessories such as clear covers, brackets and the like.

The story went viral and was followed by a protest convoy organized and undertaken by car owner and enthusiasts to show their disdain for the said policy of the LTO based on DOTC Joint Administrative Order 2014-01.

Along with the Philippine Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association headed by president Sophie Delos Santos and Director Mr. Ramon To-Ong, we had a meeting with the head of the LTO, Assistant Secretary Atty. Alfonso V. Tan, Jr., and got a statement regarding the matter.

"Apprehensions for plate covers, frames and car modification currently on hold pending finalization of implementing rules," said Tan.

There you have it.

Motorists can still keep their plate accessories on if they do not impede the visibility and reflectivity of the plate; meaning clear plates are still alright in their book. The head of the LTO also made it clear that modified vehicles will likewise not be apprehended.

Based on the provisions of JAO 2014-01, having accessories of any kind on or around the authorized license plate merits a fine of PhP 5,000 as well as confiscation of the accessories in favor of the government,

Tan also responded to the inaccurate information shared by a media outlet on their Facebook page about how motorists can quote the LTO Spokesperson's text message or Facebook posts to avoid a ticket for a violation of JAO 2014-01.

"Motorists should be advised that they cannot quote a private publication or a text message to get out of an apprehension for any violation,” continued Tan.

"You may contest the violation afterwards if the duly deputized enforcer/officer refuses to acknowledge your protest."

Commemorative plates

We also asked A-Sec. Tan regarding the agency's official stand on the controversial commemorative plates. He said "all forms of commemorative license plates are no longer allowed." There are still individuals selling these plates on classified ads websites, please be advised that these do not come with legitimate authority from the LTO.

More will be published as the details become available.


For now, we recommend reasonable judgment as to whether a protective clear cover or accessory impedes the visibility of the plate.