Have you lost hope in getting your replacement vehicle license plate or the plates of your then brand new car?

The chief of the Land Transportation Office (LTO), Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, has something positive to share: there is finally some progress for the vehicle plate backlog covering 2013 to June 30, 2016. 

"After resolution of legal impediments concerning the controversial license plate supply contract of the joint venture of J. Knieriem BV Goes and Power Plates Development Concept Inc. (JKG-PPI) by the high court, we have progressed with the supplier to quickly resolve the plate backlog as instructed by President Duterte himself," said Galvante.

The previously penned contract covers the latter half of former President Aquino's administration was marred by controversy and legal impediments, and pre-dates Galvante’s term as head of the LTO. 

Under the Motor Vehicle License Plate Standardization Program of 2013, a Php 3.85 billlion plate supply contract was awarded to JKG-PPIwhich covers approximately 5,236,439 motor vehicles and approximately 9,968,017 motorcycles. The consortium has so far delivered plates for nearly 4 million vehicles, leaving 11 million either “plateless” new cars/motorcycles or existing vehicles without replacement plates already payed for with amounts of Php450 for motor vehicle owners, and Php150 for motorcycle owners.

The nearly 600,000 plates initially confiscated by the Bureau of Customs and turned over to the LTO, are so far being distributed as well. Further addressing the plate backlog.

To address the vehicle plates problem from July 1, 2016 onwards, DOTr Secretary Art Tugade authorized in late 2017, the production and purchase of equipment to manufacture license plates. This contract was won by a joint venture of Trojan Computer Forms Manufacturing Corporation and JH Tonnjes E.A.S.T. GmbH. The German-backed manufacturer would initially produce the new license plates locally with imported materials, and turn over the modern plate making equipment to the LTO by December 2018.

“Also part of our discussion, plates that faded, specifically government vehicle plates, where the red paint turned into grey, will also be replaced by JKG-PPI,” added Galvante.

The previous supplier, JKG-PPI is expected to turn over blank plates for about 11 million cars and motorcycles to the LTO. While no details as to how the transaction will transpire, what is reassuring is that the LTO Chief made no mention of additional fees to vehicle owners, as opposed to what was earlier hinted.

“We have so far negotiated with JKG-PPI to supply us blank plates (based on LTO standards) and produce in our own plate manufacturing facility with equipment acquired from Trojan. With this we hope to finally close the issue of the vehicle plate (both cars and motorcycles) backlog by third quarter of 2019,” said Galvante.