In light of the snowballing issue regarding the ancillary charges that were paid by owners of existing cars who sought to replace their license plates with the new “standardized” plates, the chief of the Land Transportation Office, Atty. Alfonso Tan, Jr. has responded to the calls for a refund.

No refund, but excess [fees] collected will be credited for [the] next renewal,” said Tan in a text message to

The excess fees that LTO chief Tan were referring to are charges that appeared in Official Receipts issued by various LTO offices to car owners who renewed their registrations today, January 5, 2015.

The excess charges such as the Plate Prod Charge (we assume Prod refers to Production) and MV Clearance Fee were pegged at PhP 150.00 and PhP 30.00, respectively.

According to Tan, the total PhP 180.00 will be credited to the owner's next registration renewal.

To avoid further problems, the LTO will be implementing a manual encoding of the fees that will omit the Plate Prod Charge and the MV Clearance Fee.

According to Tan, the issue stemmed from Stradcom, the LTO's long embattled IT service provider.