Have you ever wished it took longer between driver’s license renewals than the current ‘every three years’ format?

Well don’t lose hope.

The Land Transportation Office is currently studying the feasibility of a ‘merit and demerit system’ that will reward drivers who obey traffic rules and regulations while punishing those who can’t help themselves from breaking the law every time they’re behind the wheel.

According to the LTO the reward may come in the form of an extended validity period of your license, which may be five years instead of the usual three years. 

For drivers with traffic violations, the license validity may be reduced to mere months, suspended or even revoked.

The plan has been met positively by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) although it reminded the LTO that a similar incentive is already included Republic Act 4136.

Under that RA, which is also known as the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, a driver’s license shall be valid for five years if the holder does not break any traffic law.

This new scheme if kept spotless and bribery-free can be an excellent motivation for drivers to keep their record clean and consistently follow traffic rules and regulations.