Remember that memo circulated by the LTO requiring dealers to produce a more standardized “temporary” plate starting February 15, 2017?

Well, it seems there are some new developments around that issue.

In another memorandum dated February 23, 2017 and started circulation on March 7, 2017, the Land Transportation Office has deferred the implementation of the previous memorandum to June 1, 2017. The memo was signed by LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante and addressed to all LTO accredited dealers.

The memo is the official response of the LTO to dealers that have undoubtedly complained at the original memorandum. The dealers were ordered to come up with temporary license plates that follow the new specs while still using the conduction sticker as the primary means of vehicle identification, yet were given little time to prepare or even source suppliers.

The January memo went so far as to specify borders, gaps, fonts and font sizes. It made no mention as to who will bear the cost of the temporary plates, though many dealers did produce them for their customers at no charge.

The issue stems from the glacial delays with regards to the LTO ability to secure proper license plates that new car buyers pay for in full upon purchase of the vehicle. To this day, there are many vehicles plying the streets that were bought new in 2015 (or even 2014) that still do not have their proper plates. 

The new memo states that vehicles must still be registered in order to be driven on public roads.

The LTO has still not given a firm date or time frame as to when they can supply the actual license plates.

In a related matter, many LTO branches still do not have plastic license cards for those renewing their driver's licenses.