The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is coping with the backlash of a year-old Administrative Order (AO) that was just signed early last month by LTO Chief Atty. Roberto Cabrera and Department of Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.

Administrative order no. RPC-2016-033 or the ‘Registration and/or Recording of Vintage Motor Vehicles’ was published in major newspapers last week April 2, which according to law, makes it effective after fifteen days or on April 17, 2016.

Motorists who own vintage cars contend the stipulation that the use of their highly-prized vintage vehicles will be restricted by the new regulation but LTO head Cabrera has said via an SMS that the AO only addresses the registration nuances of vintage vehicles.

“We are not giving special attention. This AO has been pending since last year. It tackles a facility for registration and nothing else,” said LTO chief Roberto Cabrera in a text message.

Cabrera is referring to the ways in which vintage cars can be classified by the owner with the LTO. ‘Registering’ it will allow the owner to operate the vehicle on public road while if the vintage vehicle will only be for display, simply ‘recording’ it with the agency is enough.

Vintage motor vehicles are automobiles manufactured at least 40 years prior to the current year or anything made before 1975. It should not be a reproduction and should be maintained in or restored to a condition that conforms to manufacturer specification and appearance.