Land Transportation Office (LTO) suppliers are coming up short on all fronts.  After struggling to meet demands for new auto plates, the agency is facing plastic deficit in making driver’s license cards anew.

In Memorandum Circular No. AVT-2015-1925, the LTO has removed the 150-day validity period of Temporary Driver’s Licenses (TDLs) until the shortage problem has been solved.

Motorists must now refer to the expiry date of the driver’s license for the TDL’s new validity period.

‘No Violation for the Use of Expired TDL shall be charged until the issue on the shortage/non-availability of plastic cards is fully-addressed,’ stated the memo.

The LTO shall notify the public of the availability of proper driver’s licenses by ‘posting a simple notice in conspicuous areas within the vicinity of the Licensing Centers/District Offices and Driver's License Renewal Centers (DLRC) for the information and guidance of the public.’

Each licensing centers, district offices and DLRC have been instructed to provide a hotline number for the public to call to follow up on the release of the license cards.