Amid these uncertain times, it’s no surprise that most are reliant to the wonders of the internet. Whether it’s doing work, browsing online stores, paying bills, or rendering government services, almost everything can now be done online.

But there are those that also use the internet to scam people of their money while pretending to offer legitimate services. With it, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has warned anew against fixers that are now offering their ‘services’ online.

According to Atty. Clarence Guinto, Director of LTO-NCR West, people must not patronize these fixers that offer shady schemes, especially during the pandemic. Some of these fixers pose themselves as LTO personnel or someone who knows a person inside the LTO that can hasten the requirement/renewal process. Some even offer ‘no appearance’ services which can entice those interested in hiring them.

LTO: Do not patronize online fixers image

“This is a form of an online scam,” said Guinto, who also heads the Law Enforcement Service of the LTO.

These fixers usually offer their services through various social media groups and websites. They can promise a legitimate driver’s license renewal, as well as vehicle registration services. But once they receive the required documents and the payment (usually online), these scammers will immediately block the victim on social media and are never heard from again.

“We are having the matter investigated to identify and pinpoint these unscrupulous individuals and those who have knowingly patronized their services in order for us to institute the appropriate criminal, civil and administrative charges against them,” said Edgar Galvante, LTO Assistant Secretary.

Should you see someone offering LTO services online and it looks too good to be true, do not fall for it. More importantly, report it immediately to the LTO and other relevant authorities in order for these scammers to be caught.