By now, you've read that the LTO and DOTr are in favor of postponing the enforcement of the child seat law. But that doesn't mean its enforcement will not be implemented eventually. That said, some are pointing out the safety of child occupants in PUVs. If private vehicles need them, shouldn't PUVs have them too?

LTO, DOTr required to study putting child seats in PUVs image

As it turns out, the concerned agencies must look into its feasibility. It's stated in Section 9 of Republic Act 11229. Per the ruling, it states, “The DOTr shall conduct a study and recommend to Congress the use of child restraint systems in public utility vehicles such as jeepneys, buses, including school buses, taxis, vans, coasters, accredited/affiliated service vehicles of transportation network companies, and all other motor vehicles used for public transport”.

Of course, the recommendation doesn't necessarily mean it will become a rule for PUVs. Also, it's challenging to fit child seats in something like a jeepney, bus, or modern PUV. For starters, most of them don't come with seatbelt anchors. That is a vital component for Child Restraint Systems (CRS). But if the DOTr and LTO can find a way to integrate them in mass transit vehicles, that boosts the chances of it getting implemented.

LTO, DOTr required to study putting child seats in PUVs image

But if the LTO and DOTr insist on having child seats in PUVs, we're more likely to see them in smaller vehicles. That's because sedans, MPVs, vans, and coasters come with seatbelt mounts that make fitting a CRS possible. That could mean taxis, TNVS units, and shuttles must have a child seat or two on standby just in case they need to ferry children. We're also curious how they'll integrate child seats in school buses as it takes up a lot of space and is also expensive. That will be a bigger problem once children are allowed to go back to their respective campuses.

For now, there is still a lot of sorting out that needs to be done. It might take some time before the LTO and DOTr come up with suggestions or ways to put in these child seats. We're looking forward to their ideas and feasibility studies, and it would be great if they publish their findings as soon as they can.