The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has just announced that they will begin processing the 5-year validity of driver's license starting on October 10 under Under Administrative Order (AO) No. 2016-034. The LTO will first implement the extended license validity in the National Capital Region.

However, they can only process the necessary documents as they will not be able to provide the license cards yet.

“We are only up to processing of the documents because the cards are still indefinite,” said Romeo Vera Cruz, LTO legal counsel.

He also said that they are hoping the government will address the issue about the Php 1.1 million license backlog before the end of 2016.

LTO will provide three offices at its headquarters in Quezon City for senior citizens, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), and others who want to renew their license.

By the end of October, the LTO will then start processing the extended validity of driver's license nationwide.

Listed below is the revised Fees and Charges:

- New License
  Application Fee - PhP 100.00
  Computer Fee - PhP 67.63
  License Fee - PhP 585.00
  Computer Fee - PhP 67.63

- Renewal
  License Fee - PhP 585.00
  Computer Fee - PhP 67.63

Other License Fees
 Other license fees shall be based under Department Order No. 2008-38 dated 26 August 2008 "Revised Schedule of LTO      Administrative Fees and Charges on Driver's License/Conductor's Permif' and Department Order No. 2011-01 "Addendum/Amendments to Department Order No. 2008-38" dated 24 November 2010.