Vehicles with plate ending in 0 have until December 31 to renew

We have some good news for owners with vehicles that have plate numbers ending in 0. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced that the validity of registration has been extended. This means you have a longer time to have your vehicle with plates ending in 0 registered instead of the end of October.

Interestingly, the extension for vehicles with plates ending in 0 is quite long. Motorists have until December 31, 2021, or the end of the year to renew the registration of their vehicles. Since the announcement was made on the LTO's main Facebook page, the extension is valid for all regions across the country.

LTO extends validity of vehicle with plates ending in 0 image

While the validity has been extended, this doesn't mean you should slack off and wait until the end before registering your vehicle. Mind you, LTO offices will be closed during the holidays. At the same time, expect more people to cue up at various LTO Offices as some might choose to renew their registrations at the last minute. If you do have time, it would be best to do it now.

With plates ending in 0 extended, all motorists now have a longer time to renew registration. For reference, the LTO previously extended the validity of plates ending in 7, 8, and 9. Those with plates ending in 7 and 8 have until October 31, 2021, to renew registration without penalties. Meanwhile, those ending in 9 have until November 30, 2021, to do so.

These will likely be the last extensions the LTO will give motorists when it comes to renewing vehicle registration. However, we will let you all know if there are any changes.