LTO Chief Jay Art Tugade clears up issue about using temporary license plates

Earlier today, reported that the LTO warned of a possible shortage of vehicle (and motorcycle) license plates. This comes after LTO Chief Jay Art Tugade said that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has yet to procure the necessary materials that LTO will need to actually make license plates.

Since a shortage might possibly happen, Tugade initially stated that motorists can issue their own license plates to serve as a temporary solution. Unfortunately, it seems Tugade's original statement about using temporary license plates was taken out of context.

In a recent press conference held today, Tugade reiterated that the LTO will only accept a temporary license plate provided by the dealers. Any other kind of license plate not issued by dealers will be deemed illegal by the LTO.

But what about those that have damaged or stolen license plates? In cases like these, the LTO Chief said that motorists can make their own license plates BUT they first have to get an “Authorization to Use Improvised Plate” from the LTO.

LTO: Get authorization before using improvised plate image

“Doon po sa mga nawalan or nanakawan or masisiraan ng plaka, ang gagawin niyo po ay pupunta kayo sa LTO at humingi po kayo ng “Authorization to Use Improvised Plate”. Pag binigyan na po kayo ng authorization, puwede po kayo gumawa ng plaka na improvised for the time being” said Tugade.

[For those who have lost or stolen or damaged license plates, what you should do is go to the LTO and ask for "Authorization to Use Improvised Plate". Once you have been given authorization, you can make a plate that is improvised for the time being]

But what if law enforcement agencies like the MMDA, PNP-HPG, or even the LTO enforcers flag you down for using an improvised license plate? Tugade says you have to show them the Authorization To Use Improvised Plate given by the LTO, as well as the OR/CR of your vehicle/motorcycle.

Tugade added that the goal of using temporary license plates is to allow motorists to continue using their vehicles (or motorcycles) amid the possible shortage or in cases where their license plates have been stolen, lost, or damaged.

With a license plate shortage looming, motorists could once again be faced with an issue regarding the use of temporary plates. This doesn't include the dwindling supply of plastic cards that the LTO is also facing which will affect motorists.