Hiked fees, increased facilities to accommodate more applicants but a stricter process.

That is what is on the docket, albeit for the long-term, of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) as per Chief Edgar Galvante.

The proposed hike in license fees is meant to cover for the extended five-year validity of driver’s licenses but it will not happen anytime soon.

“As of now what we are thinking is that as much as possible there would be no increase in fees,” said Galvante.

One way the LTO plans to compute for the increase is by dividing the current rate by the soon-to-be-phased-out three-year validity and then multiplying it by five, which is the soon-to-be-implemented validity period.

Price of miscellaneous fees will not be affected.

To make application easier, the LTO Chief also plans to put up an online system that will process driver’s license applications and renewal along with kiosks in malls to give applicants more options and decrease the load in LTO offices.

As the LTO makes application more accessible, they do plan to make the process stricter to ensure that driver’s licenses are earned and not just paid for. Galvante is planning to have 50 questions on standby for random applicants to answer during examination.

As for the medical examination, Galvante wants more than just a weight and height report and is now discussing other measures with several professional medical groups.

“That will probably produce some goods effects in terms of the driving discipline (and) driving capability of our drivers,” added Galvante.