As sales of new cars continue to increase, one problem that continues to persist is the delay in release of license plates. New car buyers have been plagued with delays by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) regards to the issuance of new plates for their vehicles which takes as much as three months.

LTO Memorandum

Earlier this year, LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Virginia Torres issued a memorandum suspending apprehension of vehicles without plates provided the owner can present documents like the certificate of registration and official receipt to prove that the vehicle has already been registered. This move has been well received by car dealers and new car buyers alike.

A.S. Torres revealed to the media at the 'Uspan AAP' forum this morning at the Automobile Association of the Philippines office that the agency has already conducted the bidding out of the supply of license plates middle of 2012. A bidder was able to quote a favorable price with a production capacity of 4,000 new license plates per day. However the winning bidder failed to pass initial quality standards set by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Torres shared that the adhesive holding the sticker to the metal plate of the first batch of samples failed to hold under extreme conditions. The supplier has been requested to supply new samples which they hope to pass the DOST tests to solve the LTO's license plate woes.