Bought a car between January to June 2016? Still waiting for its plates? Well wait no more as the LTO is ready to release your plate. Yes, it's been three years (almost four, to be exact) but it's better late than never, right?

The first batches set for delivery will be out by today, December 2, 2019. That means you can finally retire those conduction plates on your car (or whatever's left of it) and put on a new, gleaming license plate. The LTO didn't mention just how much they will be releasing today, although there are ways to know if yours is ready for pick up.

The first way to contact the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. To save you the leg work, call them first before you head out rather than just going there on a whim. It saves you the hassle of having to go there, only for you to come home empty handed. Of course, your dealer can also call you to inform you that your plates have arrived.

LTO: Next batch of license plates ready for delivery image

Your other option is to head on to the agency's website at Access the online plate inquiry and, once you access it, simply type your vehicle's 15-digit MV (motor vehicle) file number. Once plugged in, just enter search and you'll see if your plate is ready or not.

If your plate still isn't out yet, don't worry. This is just the first batch of plates that will be delivered and there will be more coming soon. The LTO hasn't said when the next batch will arrive, but we're hoping it will be sooner rather than later.