LTO has issued Department Order No. 2015-014 which outlines the revised guidelines for driver's license renewal.

Under the said Department Order, current Non-Professional Driver's License (NPDL) holders as well as Professional Driver's License (PDL) and Conductor's License (CL) may apply for renewal at least one month before its expiration, but not more than two years.

The LTO said that if the expiry date falls on a weekend, holiday or non-working day, the license shall be renewed on or before the last working day prior to the expiration date in order to avoid penalty.

Renewal requirements

(1) A medical certificate issued by any licensed and practicing physician is part of the renewal requirements. The medical certificate will be valid within fifteen days from the date issued.

The medical certificate should state the applicant is physically and mentally fit to drive; has clear eyesight and is not colorblind or otherwise needs proper corrective glasses; and has clear hearing or otherwise needs a hearing device.

For applicants with the following disabilities:

a. Orthopedically Impaired

       -For upper limbs: amputated left or right arm with prosthesis

       -For lower limbs: amputated left or right leg with prosthesis

       -Post-Poliomyelitis: with one paralyzed leg either left or right

b. Partially blind

c. Speech and Hearing Impared

d. Free from highly contagious diseases (for PDL applicants)

The Department Order No. 2015-014 states that the medical certificate shall indicate the name, address, Professional Tax Receipt (PTR) number and Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) number of the Physician.

(2) Tax Identification Number (TIN) for PDL applicants.

(3) Personal appearance for photo-taking and biometric signature.

Process flow for driver's license transactions

(1) The applicant will submit the expired driver's license along with a medical certificate to the LTO Evaluator at Window 1. Then, the LTO Evaluator will validate if the license is due for renewal and shows a screen shot of the present driver's license to the applicant. If the applicant affirms that the information is correct, the LTO Evaluator shall return the expired license card to the applicant and then transmit the data for picture/signature taking.

(2) Upon receiving the transmitted data from the LTO Evaluator, the assigned personnel shall take the picture and signature of the applicant at Window 2.

(3) Then, the last step would be the payment and releasing of the new driver's license card at Window 3.

LTO says that anyone who submits fake medical certificates shall not be allowed to renew their license, and any license issued on the basis of a fake certificate shall be put on alarm and immediately recalled.