LTO, MMDA, LGUs meet about Metro Manila Single Ticketing System

Have you experienced different interpretations of the same stipulation under Republic Act 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code?

Different cities in Metro Manila have different speed limits and various ways of implementing the right-of-way rule, sidewalk parking, obstruction of traffic, and so forth. Meaning, there are also different sets of violations and fees that cause a lot of confusion, especially for our dear motorists.

The LTO (Land Transportation Office), the MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority), and the concerned heads of the different LGUs (local government units) in Metro Manila met up to discuss these very issues to implement a Metro Manila Single Ticketing System.

Under this proposal, all cities in the metropolis will have the same interpretation of local traffic rules and regulations, including the same fees as a penalty for each corresponding violation. Also discussed was the implementation of uniform fines for infractions such as disregarding traffic signs, illegal parking (attended or unattended), reckless driving, driving without a license, driving without vehicle OR/CR, speeding, illegal counterflow, disobeying the number-coding scheme, and obstruction.

Attendees of the meeting, who are also considered the TWG (Technical Working Group) for this project, also want to ban tricycles on national highways, set speed limits for tricycles, and modification of the truck/light truck ban.

The TWG is in the process of finalizing the amount for each violation and penalty of Republic Act 4136 and LTO chief Jay Art Tugade says that the public will be consulted on the finer points of the Metro Manila Single Ticketing System once it is sorted out.

“Rest assured po na lahat ng stakeholders na involved, lahat po ng stakeholders ay ikokonsulta at ikokonsidera po lahat ng mga rekomendasyon, agam-agam at kung ano pa man para po ma-implement natin nang maayos itong programa natin (Rest assured that all stakeholders involved, all stakeholders will be consulted and everything will be taken into consideration so we can execute this program properly)," said Tugade.

Despite the challenges ahead, Tugade believes and is confident that the Metro Manila Single Ticketing System will be implemented sometime in 2023. He also urges Filipinos to support the new program for the modernization of the country's road transport system.