The license plate standardization program of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) kicks off today, January 5, 2015, and the agency is reminding motorists to apply for the new standardized license plate during their annual registration.

"We advise the public that their new license plates will be ordered upon renewing their motor vehicle registrations beginning this year," said Land Transportation Office chief Alfonso Tan Jr.

Motorists will have to shoulder the replacement fee of Php450 and will have to wait 45 days from the date of the renewal of registration for the new standardized license plates, third plate sticker and tamper-resistant plate locks.

The new standardized license plates have a white background with black letters and digits.  It will also have a reflectorized sheet making it visible from any angle.  The ‘third plate sticker’ replaces the yearly sticker and will come printed with registration information of the vehicles it is attached to.

Those up for renewal will retain the same letters and numbers while only newly registered vehicles will receive the three-letter and four-number combination.

The agency warns motorists regarding the use of any other unauthorized accessory with the newly issued plates.  ‘The attachment of any unauthorized plate(s) or any accessory or device to and/or around the authorized motor vehicle license plate, or any manner of attachment that impedes in any way the visibility or reflectivity of the authorized motor vehicle license plate shall be strictly prohibited.’