Online renewal of MV registration can now be conducted via LTMS portal

Are you dreading having your motor vehicle (MV) registration renewed at your nearest LTO for fear it might take you an entire day? Worry no more as you can now renew your MV registration in just 5 to 10 minutes via the LTO's Land Transportation Management System (LTMS).

LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Jose Arturo Tugade recently announced that starting today, motorists can renew their MV registrations without having to go to the nearest district office (DO) of the agency so as long they have an internet connection.

Motorists will only need to have an account at the LTMS portal in order to conduct their transactions online. However, Tugade wished to remind that only those who already have a record of MV registration using LTMS can transact for a plain renewal.

LTO says MV registration renewal can now be done online but... image

For users who have yet to put their vehicle registration details in the LTMS portal, they can go to any LTO district office so that the agency's personnel can do the transaction on the online portal, although next year when the registration is renewed, the details of the vehicle will appear. This will allow motorists to renew their MV registration online seamlessly.

But before motorists begin their online vehicle transaction, Tugade reminded everyone that it is necessary for them to do the following first; get a Certificate of Coverage (COC) or insurance chosen by the owner of the vehicle; and the vehicle has been inspected by the Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (PMVIC). The reason behind this is that the PMVICs have access to the LTO's LTMS whereas Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs) have no access.

“Both the validated insurance and the motor vehicle inspection report (MVIR) will be electronically sent to the LTMS. If your plate number ends with 3, you have the whole month to get your choice of insurance coverage, have your vehicle inspected in any PMVIC near you, and access the LTMS portal for the online renewal. There's no need for vehicle owners to spend a whole day renewing the registration of their vehicles,” said Tugade.

So if you're thinking of doing an online renewal of your MV registration, better make sure you already have your vehicle's registration details at the LTMS portal and have secured the aforementioned requirements beforehand.