Fixers are the bane of the Land Transportation office. Not only do they hassle proceedings of the LTO, they also spell trouble for those who use them as options. In a bid to do away with fixers, the agency has nabbed 12 of them in Barangay Pinagkaisahan, Quezon City.

The 12 who were apprehended will be facing a laundry list of charges. These include the Anti-Red Tape Law, Usurpation of Authority, and the Quezon City Anti-Fixing Ordinance, among others. Not only that, they will also be interrogated to find out who their LTO contacts have been during their time as fixers. If the suspects reveal their contacts, the LTO contact or contacts will also face serious charges.

How were these fixers caught? “We have been receiving mounting reports, especially in Facebook and other social media platforms, of fixers in the vicinity of the Central Office. They approach LTO clients and act as if they belong to an LTO help desk, a part of the Agency,” said Atty. Clarence V. Guinto, LTO Law Enforcement Service Acting Director. The LTO tapped the Philippine National Police's Quezon City division to do the operation.

Guinto has also urged the public not to use the services of fixers, as well as LTO employees moonlighting as fixers. “To our clients, please do not patronize these fixers posing as LTO employees. They will not facilitate the processing of your transaction. They will only give you trouble eventually. Transact at legitimate LTO counters only,” he said.