Imagine that you’re stuck waiting for your bus at the station. And then you realize that you still need to get your driver’s license or vehicle registration renewed. If these so happen while you’re at PITX, then you’re in luck. In partnership with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), you can now get your LTO errands done from within the PITX grounds; some of them, at least.

The LTO On Wheels is a mobile service from the LTO that means to give Filipinos who happen to spend time in PITX to have their concerns addressed without walking into main offices of the said government agency. The partnership between PITX and LTO speaks of a shared commitment to providing public convenience through the services each entity offers.

“PITX aims to make commuting friendlier, while LTO wants to reach out to motorists. Both of us have objectives that benefit our fellow Filipinos, so we’re really supporting each other and working together to make things happen,” Mariano Arroyo, PITX General Manager said.

Part of the projects thrust is to prevent the public from dealing with unauthorized indivuduals or “fixers”, a very common practice and problem for many individuals who do not or cannot afford time to get in line.

Just this past September, foot traffic into the LTO averaged 50,000 every (week) day. This is expected to increase even more in the coming months as more city and provincial routes are being opened. Mr. Arroyo also emphasized PITX’s strategic location to bring government services closer to the public.

LTO On Wheels will be parked at PITX Gate 1, 2nd level on October 9 and 10, October 16 and 17, and October 23 and 24. Services that are being offered are the issuance of student permits, the renewal of driver’s licenses that expire within two months and those that are expired no more than 2 years, motor vehicle registration for plates ending in 0 and those ending in 1-9 (albeit with penalties), and free printing of the 5-year validity Driver’s License card.