The Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the local government of Quezon City are working on a new system that will rely on specialized cameras to catch motorists violating traffic rules and regulations.

Similar to the system used in developed countries like Singapore, these cameras will snap photos of the vehicle during the violation and send it to Quezon City Hall so that officials may check up on details of the vehicle using the LTO database to find out who the owner is.

After determining ownership, a fine based on the violation will be written up on an Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR) and sent to the owner’s address listed on the driver’s license.

If the violation is not contested, the motorist will have to settle the fine otherwise it will appear on his/her record during the driver’s license renewal.

“The tracking force will be the cameras. Citizens would know they’re being watched so, with this, we can promote order,” said LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador.

“We’re modernizing traffic management here in Quezon City. The no-contact policy is important (since) we’ll remove the possibility of bribery. This time, the cameras will keep watch. When they catch you, you get a ticket,” said Mayor Herbert Bautista.

Initially, only ten intersections will be put under this system but the long-term plan is to have all intersections in Quezon City covered.

The equipment for the new system will still be up for bidding while the LTO and Quezon City finalize the plans for the no-contact apprehension system.