Don't rack up violations if you want a 10-year valid driver's license

We've already heard it before, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) can soon issue driver's licenses that are valid for 10 years. That's all well and good, but how will the LTO give out this type of privilege to drivers that they deem are worthy? Simple, drivers that have no records on their licenses are eligible to have it renewed with the 10-year validity.

In yesterday's virtual presser, LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante announced that beginning in 2021, drivers seeking to renew their license will be granted a 10-year validity, provided they have no records of committing road traffic violations. Galvante believes that this strict incentive will make sure that only law-abiding motorists will benefit from this.

Hopefully with this measure, mababawasan yung mga road crashes, traffic accidents na nagko-cause ng mga injuries, even pagkamatay,”said Galvante.

[Hopefully, with this measure, road crashes, traffic accidents that cause injuries, even deaths will be reduced]

In order to deter would-be road traffic violators, a new demerit system will also be rolled out. Under the new system, violations will be classified into three different categories – light violations, less grave violations, and grave violations. Light violations include first-time violation of some road laws, while less grave violations cover driving a PUV without a valid franchise, and drunk driving/driving while under the influence. Then there are grave violations which include using a motor vehicle to commit a crime.

Galvante did mention that should a driver commit an offense repeatedly, then less grave violations could be filed under grave violation. That way, it will serve as a deterrent for unruly motorists. Should a driver rack up enough demerits, it will result in the driver having to pay fines or serving penalties.

Hindi siya makakapag-drive hanggang hindi nasasagawa or nase-serve yung penalty, which can range from suspension to even revocation of license,” added Galvante.

[They will not be able to drive until the penalty is served, which can range from suspension to even revocation of license]

With these measures in place, the LTO is confident that the stricter system will help them weed out drivers than can benefit from a 10-year valid driver's license. To those with repeat offenses, perhaps it's now time to relearn your driving skills in order for you to also get a 10-year valid license.