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LTO receives plastic cards; begins issuing new driver's licenses


LTO starts releasing license cards

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has begun addressing the immense backlog of driver's license cards after receiving the plastic necessary for its production from new supplier Allcard Plastics Philippines Inc.

Aside from a fresh supply of plastic cards, the LTO has also received printing machines to facilitate the renewal and issuance of driver's licenses.

There are now 25 offices that can process and issue new plastic licenses in the country, including 18 LTO offices in the National Capital Region (NCR). Regional offices will be able to process by August 24 while all 233 LTO offices around the country by September 15.


Below is a list of the 25 LTO offices in the that are capable of issuing new license cards:

The LTO is also implementing a faster process of renewing driver's licenses by doing away with the need to fill out applications forms.

Now, motorists up for renewal need only to verify information on their driver's license on a monitor and if all is in order, simply submit your expiring/expired driver's license and it will be renewed, along with a medical certificate issued by a licensed medical doctor.

The LTO estimates that this new process cuts renewal time by at least 20 minutes.

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