Last year, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) required a fee of PhP 450 on top of registration renewals to replace motor vehicle license plates to the new standardized format. However, it was unable to issue the plates nor stickers to vehicle owners. This year, the LTO has released its first batch of 2016 registration stickers, however, the plates are still unavailable at the moment.

The stickers were released this week, following backlash from the public regarding the additional PhP 50 sticker fee for vehicle registration. Unlike the stickers from the past, the new ones are smaller and are placed vertically instead of horizontally. They bear a security feature in form of a hologram. It would appear that more stickers are bound to be released to motorists soon.

The LTO has once again kept mum on what would happen to the money they collected from motorists for the non-existent 2015 stickers that they failed to issue.

Last year, former LTO Assistant Secretary Alfonso Tan Jr. told that the amount would be credited to the next registration of motorists as their agency had no facility to issue refunds. However, those who register this year will still be charged PhP50 for the sticker.

At the time of writing, there is no word regarding the delivery of the new plates. Last Sunday, the LTO's warehouse was allegedly broken into, resulting in the loss of over 10,000 blank plates and more than 1,200 metal sheets. The LTO has fired 19 employees since the robbery. However, the LTO remains optimistic that a new batch of plates will be available by next month.