This may be the one of the most vague memos the LTO has ever released.

The Land Transportation Office has released a memorandum that reiterates the agency's drive against unauthorized LED lights, wang-wangs (sirens) and all other modifications. 

The memorandum, signed by new LTO chief Roberto Cabrera, is said to be in accordance with the Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No. 2014-01 that aims to promote safer and more orderly motoring, but fails to define what specifically constitutes a violation in the sweeping nature of the wording and JAO 2014-01 which it is based upon.

read the full details of the DOTC's JAO 2014-01

LTO memo

Of note, Section II-d of the JAO No. 2014-01 pertains to the unauthorized accessories, devices, equipment and parts. This includes “bells/horns/sirens/whistles, blinkers, brakes, lights, early warning device, mirrors, mufflers, metallic tires/spare tire...or any other accessory, device, equipment or part that is manifestly prejudicial to road safety.”

If violated, the vehicle will be impounded and the unauthorized accessories shall be confiscated. Moreover, the owner has to pay a PhP 5,000 fine.

The LTO has yet to release an official statement regarding the said order but, blinding LED bars fitted in SUVs as well as the unwarranted and abusive use of sirens could be the reason behind the issuance of this memo.

As a review, a memorandum pertaining to modification was released by the LTO last 2014 where the agency banned the use of plate covers, holders and other related accessories.