Need to have your driver's license / student permit renewed? We have some bad news for you.

Yesterday, the LTO officially launched a new online system for Metro Manila and Metro Davao wherein renewal offices will only accept medical certificates sent electronically by accredited doctors / clinics. Meant to hasten new application and renewal processes, it appears to be causing delays and glitches in the system instead.

The exact cause of the delays and glitches were not mentioned, although the LTO did say that they have trained the doctors in using the new biometric examination, as well as uploading of the results in the system. However, it will take a while for most to become familiar with the new system.

LTO's new online medical certificate submission causing delays, glitches

In lieu of this, the agency advised those that wish to apply or renew their permits / licenses, to postpone going to LTO outlets in Metro Manila until the system has normalized. In addition, penalties for expired licenses due to the system glitch will be waived.

However, this delay means that drivers with expired licenses / permits will have to wait it out until the system gets back in shape. This will prove unfortunate for those that drive vehicles and ride motorcycles for a living (family drivers, motorcycle delivery services, truck drivers, bus drivers).

Here's to hoping that the delays / glitches will be dealt with swiftly by the LTO