Still waiting for the new plates of your brand-new car? If it's been years, then renewing your registration may just take a little bit longer this time around. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released a memo dubbed an, “Advisory to all vehicle owners bearing no license plates during emission testing”, and you'll have to do a couple more things for a fresh registration.

LTO says you need a  image

In Department Order 2012-10 (DO 2012-10), those who are still on their conduction plates on their new cars must do the following. This is per the Order:

  1. A placard/ signage bearing the words “NO AVAILABLE PLATE”, or any tenor to the same effect, must be prominently displayed;

  2. The Original copy of the Official Receipt/ Certificate of Authorization (OR/CR) of the vehicle subject of emission test must likewise be displayed; and

  3. Both the placard/ signage AND the OR/CR must be held by the Motor Vehicle Control Technician (MVECT) who conducted the emission test.

LTO says you need a

Furthermore, Section 6.7.3 of DO 2012-10 states:

“Only CECs supported by clear pictures of motor vehicle taken during testing with the following image details shall be accepted:

a. Visible plate number from the rear side of the motor vehicle. If the motor vehicle carries an improvised plate number, a photo copy of the certification/ authorization from LTO to use said plate number must be attached before conducting the emission test [Emphasis supplied]”.

By improvised plate number, the LTO is referring to conduction plates. In regard to Section 6.7.3, it essentially means owners must apply for a Certificate of Authorization from the LTO to be able to undergo emissions testing, if their vehicle is still on the aforementioned temporary conduction plate.

The agency has yet to advise how to apply for the said certificate.