The Land Transportation Office, through the Department of Transportation, has just announced that they have begun to send out the first batch of vehicle plates that have been produced at the LTO Main Office at East Avenue, Quezon City.

According to the press statement, LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante said that the first batch of plates will cover motor vehicles that were newly registered from July 1, 2016 up to October 31, 2016. These plates are being circulated to LTO's Regional Offices in batches. The plates will then be distributed to their District Offices, where they will be released to vehicle owners.

The head of the LTO emphasized that they will give guidelines to their District Offices on the release of the plates to vehicle owners. The LTO wants the release of the plates to be coordinated, organized, and hassle-free for vehicle owners. 

“The LTO will notify the vehicle owners on the dates they may claim their plates. We ask our clients to wait for their notification so they do not waste their time going ot the LTO Office only to be disappointed," said Galvante.

The LTO says that they have produced 387,000 pieces of vehicle plates already at their Plate Making Plant; given that each vehicle requires a pair, that means 193,500 vehicles will soon have plates. 

Galvante clarified that motorcycle plates are still not part of their production, as the House of Representatives still have to design a different-sized plate for motorcycles.

“We will produce the motorcycle plates as soon as Congress gives the go signal. Motorcycle owners are free to use their motorcycles so long as these are registered, with their respective plates/MV File Numbers displayed," added Galvante.