Planning to order a special plate? Well it looks like you have to wait a little longer. The Land Transportation Office has temporarily suspended the acceptance of applications for Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plates, more commonly known as vanity plates.

In their statement, the government agency cited three reasons for its temporary stoppage. The first is the 'Imposition of the Commission on Audit (COA) of Notice of Disallowance' with the second reason being the issuance of a 'Temporary Restraining Order by the Supreme Court En Banc'. The third reason is due 'to the large volume of backlogs for Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plates (OMVSP)'. It was made effective back in December 15, 2017 with the approval of regional directors.

The LTO did say that the service will resume once the memorandum has been lifted. They added that this decision to resume the service right after the lifting of the suspension nullifies Section B of LTO Memorandum Circular No. RIB-2007-797. Paragraph two of the Circular states "No application shall be accepted that is made after one (1) year from the date of initial registration".

The LTO will announce when they will resume the OMVSP Program.