Yesterday, a netizen posted several images on social media of a vehicle by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) parked precariously along a busy thoroughfare. The vehicle was left improperly by the side of the road as the law enforcement officers (LEOs) involved in the viral post were supposedly eating nearby.

It earned the ire of many netizens who viewed this as a failure of the LTO itself in practicing proper traffic rules and regulations.

LTO terminates enforcers involved in bad parking image

Today however, the LEOs involved in yesterday's viral post were recently relieved from their duties by the LTO. According to LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante, he ordered the Central Office Law Enforcement Services (LES) to relieve all of the LEOs involved from their current position. Moreover, Galvante said that they were to be restrained from conducting law enforcement operations.

“I have directed the Law Enforcement Service Chief to immediately relieve the LEOs from their present position, and to cease from performing law enforcement functions, pending investigation. We do not tolerate such behaviors, especially from our enforcers who are supposed to be the first to follow land transportation and traffic laws, rules and regulations,” added Galvante.

LTO terminates enforcers involved in bad parking image

Aside being relieved from duty, the LEOs of the LTO National Capital Region (NCR) who used Patrol Vehicle 8 yesterday were ordered to explain within 24 hours why no disciplinary action should be taken against them.

Galvante added that they appreciate citizens in reporting incidents like this as they do not condone such actions. “The LTO appreciates reports like this from the citizens. We assure you that the agency does not condone such actions, and that it will act swiftly and accordingly to the law,” said Galvante.