There have been quite a few issues with regards to the Land Transportation Office's ability to supply stamped metal license plates and plastic driver's license cards, but now there's a new shortage afoot: conduction stickers.

For the last few months, several contacts from a variety of auto brands had expressed concern at their increasing difficulty at procuring conduction stickers (CS) for their vehicles. The rapid growth of the auto industry, particularly in the last two years, appears to have put a strain on the supplies of official LTO conduction stickers.

To address the matter, it seems the LTO is resorting to an unusual (but familiar) measure: the office responsible for motor vehicle transportation has been issuing car companies (manufacturers and/or distributors/importers) an Authority to Print their own conduction stickers.

The Authority to Print will be used by car manufacturers and importers to have proper conduction stickers made for their cars for sale in the market provided hat they follow the guidelines and the series of numbers that the LTO had approved for their use.

The Authority to Print specifies the range of alphabetical and numerical figures that the car company can use for their stickers. Previously, the LTO acquired conduction stickers from a single supplier; the same one that used to provide license plates.

According to our sources, the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI), the association of many automotive manufacturers and importers, has identified two potential suppliers for conduction stickers: Janus Manufacturing and Tsuchiya Decal Industrial, Co. Ltd.. CAMPI members will have to choose from either one. 

The move is strikingly similar to the order that required require dealers to produce and procure their own temporary plates following a standardized template whilst using conduction sticker as the main identification as well as the MV file number as proof of registration . The order, which came by a memorandum, was deferred in a follow-up memorandum after numerous dealers complained about the matter.