There's a saying that goes something like: “If you're gonna do something stupid, don't post it on the internet.” And honestly, those are some great words to follow. Otherwise, you might up like this guy who is now being summoned by both the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and faces serious charges including reckless driving.

The driver, identified by the DOTr as Miko Lopez, is now being summoned by the LTO. Lopez recently posted a video of himself driving from the front passenger seat on a busy road in broad daylight on social media. In the video, he can even be seen taking his hands off the steering wheel, while the vehicle is moving, in order to light a cigarette. Lopez is also clearly seen not wearing a seatbelt throughout the video. Meanwhile, in a separate post, he shared a photo of himself driving a car on the expressway without the steering wheel attached.

According to the DOTr, Lopez will be charged with Reckless Driving, Illegal Modification (removing the steering wheel), Not Wearing Seatbelt, and Improper Person to Operate a Motor Vehicle. Furthermore, his license will be revoked, and he will be disqualified from applying for a driver's license again in the future.

In light of the incident, both the LTO and the DoTr has warned the public that they do not tolerate any kind of reckless driving and will pursue necessary action against motorists who engage in such acts and even bragging about it on social media.