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LTO to issue new Driver's License Cards starting August


Allcard Plastics PH set to issue new license cards next month

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will start issuing driver's license cards under a new format. Speaking to, LTO spokesperson Jason Salvador said that drivers license will have a new design supplied by its new contractor Allcard Plastics Philippines Inc., effctively ending the license card shortage currently plaguing the LTO. The agency will start issuing the new cards beginning August 2015.

With this, new license cards will have higher photo resolution as well as new color coding for student drivers (orange) and conductors (yellow).

Other changes include the removal of the "Philippines" and "Millenium" print seen near the flag. The "height", "weight" and "agency" will now be spelled out.


In addition, LTO's address will be removed to have more space for the driver's photo. Salvador also said that LTO will now be issuing an ID card rather than a printed paper certifcate for student permits.

Aside from the new look, Salvador told that the agency is proposing to deduct PhP 70 from the current drivers license fee because their new supplier is charging the agency far less than what they originally alloted for.

In review, Allcards bid 25.3-percent lower than PhP 450 million which the government originally allotted; saving PhP 113 million. As of the moment, LTO is seeking approval from the Department of Finance regarding this matter.

Valid driver's license holders need not apply for new license cards.

Medical certificate from any licensed and practicing physician

In line with the recent LTO Department Order streamlining the license renewal process, Salvador explained that license applicants can now secure a medical certificate issued by any licensed and practicing physician. The medical certificate will be valid within fifteen days from the date issued.

The LTO used to require medical examinations only through accredited physicians which are usually located near LTO district offices.

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