If there's one thing that many people dread when going to emission testing centers, it would be the long line. Combined with the current quarantine measures, there's a good chance you'll be stuck waiting at testing centers for a long while. And if you're really unlucky, you have to go back the next day just so you can have your vehicle tested.

Things got so bad that a Congressman even called for the temporary suspension of the emissions testing requirement for registering motor vehicles.

Well, all that is about to change after the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that there will now be shorter waiting times, as well as shorter lines.

In a recently-released memorandum, the LTO ordered all private emission testing centers (PETC) to reduce the time interval for testing per vehicle. This means that instead of the usual 15-minute testing interval, vehicles will now be tested for only 5-7 minutes. Not only that, but the LTO also increased the testing capacity of PETCs per day. With it, PETCs can now test 120 vehicles daily instead of just 80.

LTO to emissions centers: Cut down test time to 7 mins image

With the new measures in place, the LTO claimed that PETCs will now be able to accommodate customers on the same day. Those that didn't schedule an appointment can also walk-in and get their emission certificate requirements right away. The LTO is also hoping that these new policies will also mean that there will no longer be unusual delays.

As the country adjusts itself to the new normal, the LTO's new directive to increase testing capacity and reduce testing intervals may result in motorists no longer needing to line up in the early hours of the morning just to get a number. But with the LTO still needing to entertain backlogs of vehicles that were not able to renew their registration due to the community quarantine, it might also take a while for PETCs to adjust itself to the new measures.

Here's to hoping that this will do more good than harm, especially with the pandemic still ongoing.