DOTr Sec Arthur Tugade says they have resolved the driver's license backlog

There was a time when those that renewed their driver's licenses were only given “paper” licenses. That paper is actually the official receipt (OR) that proves that they have paid for their renewed driver's license. The result was a backlog of 3 million driver's license cards.

Today, however, the Department of Transportation (DOTr), together with the Land Transportation Office (LTO), has announced that the 3-million backlog has finally been resolved. This means that all applicants who will apply or renew their driver's license will be issued a card.

“Now, from only paper receipts, the LTO began to roll out new driver's license cards with 5-year validity. The 3-million backlog in 2016 was addressed,” said Arthur Tugade, DOTr Secretary.

LTO to roll out 10-year valid driver

While this is indeed good news, the DOTr also announced that the LTO will soon begin rolling out driver's licenses with 10-year validity. First announced back in August 2020, the LTO said that motorists with no recent records/violations whatsoever on their licenses will be eligible to have it renewed with the 10-year validity.

This was confirmed by LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante who said that this strict incentive will make sure only law-abiding motorists will benefit from it. The 10-year validity will work alongside the new demerit system which will classify violations into three different categories – light, less grave, and grave.

LTO to roll out 10-year valid driver

Depending on how many demerit points a motorist has incurred, any license holder that wishes to renew their driver's license will have to attend driving seminars. The more demerit points a motorist has, the more time they will have to spend attending seminars, as well as intervention programs.

If your license is set to expire this year and you have no violations or demerits on your record, then you'll be on your way to renewing your license with 10-year validity. Here's to hoping the LTO will be able to roll it out as soon as possible.