Don't be surprised; the Land Transportation Office does listen.

In a statement released by the Department of Transportation (DOTr), the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has proposed that they establish a process by which to accredit automotive modification service centers/providers.

LTO wants an accreditation system for custom 4x4, tuning shops

The announcement of the agency's intent to formulate an accreditation system for custom car and 4x4 shops is a direct result of the meetings that the LTO had with vehicle owners, the “motor vehicle modification service centers”, and other stakeholders following the uproar over the supposed apprehension of modified 4x4 vehicles. 

“Under the directive of Secretary Arthur Tugade, we have communicated to the stakeholders to have transport and traffic rules and regulations that are fair, relevant, and responsive to the needs of the times,” said LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante. “We have emphasized during the meetings that our goal is to ensure the safety of the motoring public, and not to restrict the use of modified vehicles.” 

LTO wants an accreditation system for custom 4x4, tuning shops

During the discussions with the LTO, it was agreed upon that stakeholders will make recommendations to amend Department Order 2010-32; the concerned DO that has a section called “Guidelines and Requirements in the Reclassification and/or Registration of Modified Motor Vehicles.”

The LTO says they will form a Technical Working Group (TWG) composed of government agencies and stakeholders to discuss these amendments.

LTO wants an accreditation system for custom 4x4, tuning shops

This certainly is a welcome development for those seeking to modify their vehicles or already own such vehicles. Once the amendments are finalized, the LTO will issue a Memorandum Circular to outline the accreditation process and presumably to issue guidelines for what “motor vehicle modification service centers” can and can't do to a vehicle.