It always pays to keep a cool head when driving around Metro Manila. From dealing with unruly jeepneys, newbie drivers, as well as the occassional hot head on the road, patience is indeed a virtue.

Unfortunately, some motorists easily lose their cool, which can result in reckless driving or a rowdy foul-mouthed exchange. Just recently, a viral video spread through social media which shocked and angered motorists and netizens alike.

Hurling profanities and insults one after another towards an L300 driver (identified as Santiago Paredes) was one Dr. Tomas Joaquin Mendez. Based on the viral video, the doctor lashed out at Paredes continuously in a fit of rage. That's not all; Mendez was also supposedly involved in another road rage incident where he was also throwing insults against another motorist.

With it, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) issued a Show Cause Order to the highly "verbal" doctor. In the Order itself, LTO directed Mendez to appear at the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) of the LTO Central Office along East Avenue, Quezon City on December 5, 2019, 2:00 PM.

Moreover, the LTO also issued a Sworn Explanation / Comment and show cause on why Mendez should not be administratively be liable under Section 27 of Republic Act No. 4136, or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code. Section 27 gives the LTO Assistant Secretary the authority to suspend and to revoke any driver's license issued if they have reason to believe that the holder is not fit to operate motor vehicles and is a danger to the public.

LTO wants to talk to road rage doctor image

Should Mendez fail to show up or explain himself before the LTO, they will waive his right to be heard in the proceeding. However, Mendez will be informed of the result of the immediate evaluation of his case.

This is not the first time the LTO had to suspend / revoke a driver's license. A few weeks ago, the gov't agency suspended the license of one Orlando Ricardo Dizon Jr. for three months for dragging a Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) enforcer after being flagged down for a traffic violation.

In another case, the LTO had to revoke a license of an abusive Grab driver named Anselmo B. Benigno who was caught lifting a woman's skirt while she was inside his car.

But perhaps one of the most notorious road rage incidents involved Blair Carabuena. Back in 2012, he became viral when he was caught bullying a MMDA traffic constable after being pulled over. This resulted in Carabuena issuing a public apology in front of then MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino and his traffic constables, facing an assault charge, as well as getting his driver's license permanently revoked by the LTO.

Both the LTO and the Department of Transportation (DOTr) reminded the public to always keep their cool while on the road. With that, what's your take on this whole incident? Weigh in on the comments.