If you take a look at the memo regarding Private Motor Vehicle Inspection standards and Implementing Rules and Regulations, there are several interesting things you can pick out. These include the color of your headlights, your window tints, and what they'll check underneath your vehicle.

However, there is one part of the IRR that caught our attention, and it's about modified vehicles. So if you tweaked or tuned your car in one way or another, you might want to read this first.

Under Section 3.8 of MC 2020-2240, it states:

Motor Vehicle Modification – Shall refer to the allowable alteration/changes that can be done in the motor vehicle's design and configuration which shall be subject to the inspection by the LTO. Only stock and/or OEM vehicles shall be allowed inspection at the PMVIC.

But what kind of modifications are subject to LTO's inspection? Per Section 5.2.3, it says changes in the vehicle's dimensions, structure, engine, chassis, and the like must be inspected by the agency concerned. Listed below is the full quote from the MC:

5.2.3 Modification Inspection – inspection of motor vehicles in dimensions, structures and changes in engines/chassis, color, and related transactions (to be done at LTO).

LTO will inspect modified vehicles, not PMVICs image

But what exactly counts as modifications regarding the ones mentioned above. The Memo did not state what exact mods fall under that category, or what kind of certification is needed to pass LTO's inspection. However, it could include changes to the suspension as that alters the height of the vehicle. Adding a set of aftermarket or fabricated exhaust headers might be subject to LTO inspection. The same applies with engine swaps although that has been the status quo for that kind of modification.

Yes, there are still a lot of questions and gray areas at the moment. For instance, what counts as a pass for LTO inspectors? What proof is needed that this modification is safe for road use? What about fake or counterfeit parts that are critical like brakes or wheels?

For those asking about OEM (factory) modifications, there is an interesting section in the memo. Going back to section 3.8, it said OEM vehicles are allowed in PMVICs. So if the car came with a kit, larger wheels, or different suspension from the factory, those will likely be allowed. But what if the modifications, while still original, were made after the purchase of the vehicle? There is no definite answer for that, at least for now.

With that, we will wait for the LTO and see if they will come up with a special set of provisions for modified vehicles. So if you're thinking about doing any mods for your car, pick-up, or SUV, you might want to put that plan on hold right now. As for those who already modded their cars, let's wait for what the LTO has to say.