For those who have been waiting for their license plates for quite some time now, there is good news. Beginning July 5, 2018, the Land Transportation Offices (LTO) will be releasing the new vehicle license plates nationwide.

According to LTO Assistant Secretary Edgar Galvante, circulation of the license plates are already finished. Distributions to regional offices ongoing are currently and going, with the plates being released on July 5.

Earlier this year, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) inspected the new local license plate manufacturing facility. Currently, there are seven units of manual embosing machines that are capable of producing 22,000 plates per day at full capacity. To further boost production, an Automated Embossing Machine will also be delivered in July and be made operational in August 2018. That said, the new plate making facility will help the DOTr and LTO to address the backlog of vehicle license plates nationwide which began back in 2016.

In order to streamline the releasing of plates, the LTO could also delegate plate distribution to vehicle dealerships in the future. Currently, all-vehicles that drive out of dealerships wear a conduction sticker for means of identification. Should the plate be delegated to dealerships, this would allow new vehicles bought from the dealership to drive away with actual plates already installed.