Lucid Motors has recently revealed its new electric sedan, the Air following the announcement of its new plant. Looking very sophisticated with its unique exterior design, the Lucid Air is the company's first model ever and is their contender for Tesla's Model S.

Lucid Motors unveils new electric sedan

Seen at the front are LED headlights and a long grill that runs the entire width of the car. The same can be said for the rear as the taillights also get the same treatment as the front grill. It also has a panoramic glass roof, large alloy wheels and a relatively short deck.

Compared to other luxury sedans, the Air's exterior is smaller. However, the company claims that it is potentially more reliable with a better efficiency and power-dense than its competitors. The automaker also claims that the rear seats can recline for up to 55 degrees, providing a first-class aircraft seating experience.

Lucid Motors unveils new electric sedan

It is also equipped with a 29 speaker audio system, including an active noise cancellation and a revamped cabin isolation that creates a distinct tuned acoustic experience inside your vehicle. A full digital instrumental panel and display complete the Lucid Air's in-car features.

With ten years of battery pack development, the Lucid Motors Air comes with a 100 kwh battery as standard and an optional 130 kwh battery pack producing an output of 1,013 PS and has a claimed 644 km range.

Lucid Motors unveils new electric sedan

The unique battery chemistry also features breakthrough tolerance to repeated fast-charging, says Lucid Motors. In addition, the Air also gets a downloadable app equipped with voice control systems to manage in car functions.

The automaker said that the production of the Lucid Motors Air will start in 2018. It will also hit the market in the same year.