Russian customers had the chance to first see the automotive brand from Taiwan at Moscow International Automobile Salon 2012 that started last August 31 and runs until September 9th.

The independent Taiwanese automotive brand presents the intelligent model lineup from Taiwan. Luxgen showcased its product's capabilities together with its smart car on-board system by holding an outdoor 'Blind Drive Show' exhibitions.

The LUXGEN brand was established by the Yulon Group to merge Taiwan's advanced auto and information technology industries for creating a new generation of forward thinking and environmentally sustainable intelligent vehicles.

Luxgen's Blind Drive Show during the auto show presents the company's 'Think Ahead' context in another way. The 'blind drive' means that the driver is maneuvering the 4WD Luxgen7 SUV with all the windows covered and only relying on Luxgen's THINK+ system integrating the Side View+ and Eagle View+.


Luxgen previewed 5 vehicle during the show including two electric vehicles. The Luxgen7 SUV, its 175hp crossover is equipped with a 2.2-liter MEFI turbo engine which is mated to a five-speed automatic gearbox that drives all four wheel.

Luxgen's sedan labeled as the Luxgen5, is the company's stylish yet sporty sedan that has an engine capable of producing 170 hp and is mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox.

Luxgen CEO, meanwhile is the brand's most comfortable model featuring a 'jet-cabin' feel on the road. EV variants of the Luxgen7 SUV and Luxgen CEO were also displayed at the show.

The first Luxgen model launch is scheduled at the second quarter of 2013 for its Luxgen7 SUV. Luxgen CEO Mr. KC Hu commented: "With the highly positive feedback received during MIAS, we are optimistic for the upcoming challenges for Luxgen to enter one of the most promising global challenges."

It is expected that other product lines in the Luxgen family will also be introduced into the Russian market on the third and fourth quarter of 2013.