There is no doubt that the Toyota Vios is the best-selling vehicle in the Philippines (except for 2017). Ever since it was introduced back in 2003, the Vios supplanted the Corolla (or Corolla Altis) as the household name, the default go-to choice when it comes to family sedans.

The first generation Vios was built in Thailand, but given its success, (TMP) decided to start building the second generation model locally at the Santa Rosa plant in Laguna back in 2007. Since then, all Vios models sold in the Philippines have been proudly built in Laguna.

Care to guess how many units have been built so far? If you guessed somewhere in the five-digit mark, then you have guessed wrong. According to TMP during the 2021 Vios launch last weekend, they have produced nearly 300,000 units since the plant began building the model 13 years ago.

Those figures might be small considering any automobile plant can easily produce 300,000 units in 13 years of operation (or less for that matter). However, do remember that the Vios built in Santa Rosa is not exported to any other country. All Vios units built in the Philippines have been offered only in the local market, showing how important the model is in the country.

With the updated Vios debuting in the Philippines last weekend, the Santa Rosa plant will now begin producing the 2021 model as well. That said, it might not be long before TMP manages to produce half a million units of the Vios locally. Despite the on-going pandemic and uncertain financial situation, the launch of the updated model might be the shot in the arm that Toyota needs in terms of vehicle sales. 

If sales are sustained and Toyota consistently hits their production and targets at an average of about 30,000 per year, we could be looking at 500,000 Philippine-made Vios units by 2025 or 2026.