When it comes to automotive styling and pure enthusiasm for Porsches, there are few household names people often bring up. There’s Rauh Welt Begriff and the scruffy man behind the widebodies, Akira Nakai. There’s also Singer, whose name reflects the artisanal approach to making the perfect Porsche. And lastly there’s the majestically-bearded brit who lives in LA: Magnus Walker. Distinguishing himself as a Porsche collector who has a certain penchant for the ‘Outlaw’ hot-rod styling that became famous in the states, Magnus Walker injects refreshing character into the Porsches he creates.

Magnus Walker finally gets his hands on a 911 Slantnose image

Being a collector however, there are a few cars that would take more time for Magnus to acquire considering its rarity. And for those in the know with 911s, few would argue that one of the most coveted versions of the rear-engined car would be the Flachbau, or better known as the Slantnose. The Slantnose was a rare factory option for the 911 Turbo (930) in the 1980’s, and only around 900 authentic vehicles were created with this option specced. While there were a few replicas of the Slantnose made to fit standard 911s, there are still quite a few of them going around relative to the total population of 911s around the world. That said, you can only imagine the lengths that Magnus Walker had to go through to get his own slice of the Flachbau pie.

“I’d been looking for a slantnose on and off for almost a year,” Magnus explains. “I’d driven all the way to Miami to look at one, and travelled as far afield as Europe. I’d posted on Instagram and Facebook that I was looking and naturally I got a lot of responses with all types of cars from factory originals to aftermarket kits. Even race cars from the likes of DP Motorsport and Kremer. But none of them felt right for various reasons. In the end the car found me,” he reveals. “The one I ended up buying was actually in LA all along. A global search ended up less than ten miles from my door.”

Magnus Walker finally gets his hands on a 911 Slantnose image

It was then that Magnus Walker acquired this red 1974 911 Carrera fitted with a full 935 Slantnose kit. Matched with wide fenders, a massive wing, and ground effects that would mimic the silhouette of the original 935 racer, Magnus now has a blank canvass upon which he can apply his signature outlaw styling. Supposedly the plan for this is to apply a livery similar to his iconic 277 911, of course, matched with a motor that will do justice to the exterior. Plans for a 500hp Turbo motor are in the works to make sure this slantnose has enough walk to meet the talk.

Considering his sense for style, you can count on Magnus Walker’s Flachbau to be a unique part of 911 history.