Auto giant Mahindra recently released teaser images for the upcoming e2o plus all-electric four-door microcar. The company claims that its upcoming model is a smart car for the smart generation.

With its new teasers, the automaker provided their audience a vague look of the car's side and rear profile. Based on it, the four-door electric car will most likely have the same platform as the current e2o coupe including its trim levels, the TechX.

The Mahindra e20 plus city EV

It is also most likely to be fitted with the same 13.9kWh battery pack which will enable it to reach a top speed of 101 km/h. Meanwhile, its estimated maximum range is rated at 129 km.

The upcoming Mahindra e2o plus, in addition to the company's pure electric lineup will be available for the European market only.