The City Government of Makati has partnered with Global Mobility Service Philippines Inc. (GMS) and Tricycle Operator Driver Associations of Makati City (TODA-Makati) in order to lessen the air pollution and carbon emissions in the city.

“The city government believes that the private sector could contribute much in the implementation of worthwhile programs and projects, and this MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) would bring Makati a step higher in its advocacy in improving the quality of air in the city and implementing the Clean Air Act. I am really proud that through this partnership, Makati would be the first local government in the country to have transport vehicles monitored through Global Positioning System,” he added, “and with each vehicle equipped with the advanced Mobility-Cloud Connecting System that includes the GPS, the vehicles would be safer to drive and ride,” said Makati Acting Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña.

Based on the details of the MOU, members of TODA-Makati will be given the option to buy an electric vehicle or a 4-stroke engine tricycle which will be financed by GMS.

With this program, Makati City hopes to replace units of some 7,000 tricycle operators with these new PUVs, electric-powered or not, equipped with advanced transportation systems and technology thereby reducing air pollution while making the commute much more pleasant for Filipinos.