After reports have circulated online about Makati Public Safety Department (MAPSA) traffic enforcers riding motorcycles without helmets, citing motorists with incorrect or sometimes fabricated violations, being disrespectful and even extortion, no less than Makati Mayor Abby Binay-Campos has given the order for all traffic enforcers of the city to undergo extensive retraining.

“There is an immediate need for our MAPSA traffic enforcers to undergo re-training on traffic rules and traffic management. Their training will also include values formation and personality development so that they can perform their jobs with competence, integrity and decorum,” said Campos.

More than 600 MAPSA traffic enforcers will have to take the refresher course, which will begin on August 27 and go on until September 17.

This effort by the city is aimed at improving their on-the-job performance by increasing their level of professional competence and personality development for better ethical practices.

To continue the informal system of checks and balances through social media, Mayor Campos urges netizens to keep sending reports regarding erring MAPSA enforcers to Makati City’s official Twitter account @MakatiTraffic and their Facebook page My Makati.